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Starting Now Means Resilience for the Future

resilient Families

Families coming together to grow some of their own food leads to stability and food security. We are sharing our farm journey to inspire other families to depend on God, start growing their own food, and find continued success.

resilient community

Communities become resilient when families, neighbors, and local producers depend on God to help us work together to create a sustainable, local food supply. We are fostering these relationships in our area to create a resilient community.

WHY start farming now?

Growing some of your own foods will bring your family closer, help you avoid the shocks of rising inflation, and feed your family as shortages increase. The time to move toward resilience is now!


Start Where You are

in the city

Yes, you can grow vegetables on your balcony, herbs in your kitchen window, tomatoes on your front porch, even micro greens on a shelf in your apartment.

Your space may be limited but you’ll be amazed at how much you can produce with a little effort and time.

in the suburbs

Yes, you can grow potatoes and peppers in buckets on your deck, a vegetable garden  on your side yard, and have chickens for eggs in the backyard.

You can produce a consistent supply of food for your family even while living in a neighborhood.

in the country

Yes, typically, you have more freedom to produce food for you and your family in the country than most people in other places in America.

Country living does not always equal large plots of land, but it can be easier to grow your own food and know others who do.

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Humble Shack FARM

encouraging you to Start Farming Now


The culture in America and the world is shifting, and far too many indicators point toward the same negative outcomes. Most people agree that it will get only worse and for a very long time.

We are helping people realize they must no longer depend on the global food supply chain, the trucking/transportation industry,  nor the government to feed their families. 

Our community will become resilient as families rely on God to help them gain the knowledge and skills to produce their own sources of food. 


Our family is working to built a resilient community, where every families, neighbors, and producers help each other.



This is the way toward resilience!


Our family had zero experience when we began farming, but we gained the knowledge needed to start growing our own foods in less than a year.

We plan to keep learning and sharing our experience with you so you can gain know-how and grow your own foods, too!


Engage with our family, members of our local community, and people from around the globe as we purpose to support each other in growing our own food.

Learn from people throughout our community so you can put their experience and expertise to work for you!


Our family went from zero farming skills to raising goats, chickens, sheep, ducks, and gardening in less than a year.

Learn online and at local gatherings. Gain skills at local hands-on workshops. Meet local producers and build a local supply chain at the “Who’s Your Farmer?” events.

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Helpful content in the areas of growing your own food, community engagement, sustainability, invites to workshops, and more!

How we produce food on our farm






Great Pyrenees

Faith on the Farm

Self-Sufficiency is always dependency on God

In large part, our nation has turned away from God to go its own direction. The results are evident and disastrous.

Scores of people impacted by these harmful results have turned to self-sufficiency, homesteading, and farming. 

While we are taking a similar initiative, our faith is squarely placed upon God.  We are aware that self-sufficiency is truly dependency on God.


Helpful content in the areas of, growing your own food, community engagement, sustainability, invites to workshops, and more!